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DRC: Justice Sector and the Rule of Law
18 September 2013

This report questions the ability of the Congolese justice sector to promote, respect and uphold the rule of law, as well as other challenges inherent in this sector. It paints a compelling picture of the pitfalls that affect the governance of the sector and its ability to meet democratic standards, as well as the Congolese population’s need to access to justice. The independence of the judiciary and working conditions of magistrates are constant concerns in the DRC. Partly because of near-humiliating working conditions, judges have often failed to meet their duty of responsibility and good behaviour. Corruption, bribery and denial of justice are common practices within the judiciary. The report presents a critical picture of the ineffectiveness of official development assistance in the area of justice and calls for better coordination between the technical and financial partners of the DRC. It concludes that the government should properly take charge of state sovereignty by establishing a planning capacity in the area of justice, ensuring the implementation of an appropriate policy and ensuring that development partners register their interventions.

Le secteur de la justice et l'Etat de droit
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DRC: Justice Sector and the Rule of Law
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DRC Congo- Democracy and political participation: Assessment of the first steps into the 3rd Republic
30 November 2010

This study on democracy and political participation in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Leslie Mombo and Professors Ngoma and Yahisule concludes that the reformation of the state as an effective entity must start with a wider participation of its citizens in public affairs. They further argue that violation of the fundamental principles of democracy and the weakness of political participation in the DRC have contributed to the ongoing political crisis that began in the mid-1990s, exacerbated by the civil strife and general instability that ravaged the country. The study is the most comprehensive analysis on democratic governance since the 2006 presidential and legislative elections. The conclusions of the study show that there are opposing trends to the levels of political commitment towards governance and democratic consolidation in the third republic. The report therefore, proposes concrete recommendations to re-establish the fundamental principles of democracy and political participation. It also argues that the adoption of these recommendations is fundamental to the success of the upcoming polls in DRC in 2011.

DRC Congo- Democracy and political participation: Assessment of the first steps into the 3rd Republic - Discussion Paper
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Democratic Republic of Congo: Military justice and human rights -- An urgent need to complete reforms
22 June 2009

This report is a comprehensive and critical analysis of the legal, institutional and operational obstacles that prevent the Congolese military courts from providing effective justice and contributing to the struggle against impunity in that country. The report notes the efforts made in the recent past to bring the military court system into line with rules of procedure that apply in the ordinary courts. It concludes, however, that these reform efforts are cancelled out by the fact that the military courts have jurisdiction over civilians, systematic attacks on the independence of the military judges, and violations of the rules of fair trial by the military courts.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Military justice and human rights -- An urgent need to complete reforms - Discussion Paper
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Democratic Republic of Congo: Military justice and human rights -- An urgent need to complete reforms
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The Democratic Republic of Congo: Effective Delivery of Public Services in the Education Sector
22 June 2009

This study provides the most complete analysis to date of the numerous problems of governance confronted by the edcuation system in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It shows how that, in addition to the necessary investment of financial resources into education services in Congo, an equal and perhaps more important effort is needed to end the poor management of such resources. Among the needs identified are the improvement of information and statistics on education, an end to the poor management of education personnel, and ensuring a greater respect for the laws that govern the education system. The report places these problems in their historical context and proposes ways of solving them with the aim of achieving better delivery of education services in the country.

The Democratic Republic of Congo: Effective Delivery of Public Services in the Education Sector - Discussion Paper
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The Democratic Republic of Congo: Effective Delivery of Public Services in the Education Sector
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Validation Justice Sector and Rule of Law
30 November 2012

On 30 November OSISA and AfriMAP held a workshop to validate the Justice and Rule of Law report in the country's capital, Kinshasa.

Participants included a representative of Justice Minister, senior civil and military judges and other state actors and representatives together with civil society and international organisations such as Reseau Citizens Netowrk RCN, ASF, UNDP, USAID / Projustice, BCNUDH (UNJHRO), Justice support sector (MONUSCO) and the European Union. The workshop more...

DRC: Guide on Civil Liberties
19 April 2012
On 19 April AfriMAP in collaboration with OSISA and the Mission of the European Union for Police reform (EUPOL) launched "Guide des libertés publiques”, a user-friendly Guide on civil liberties. The launching ceremony was co-organized with Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and the DRC government represented by the Director of cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Security, Decentralization and Regional Planning, Professor Jean-Louis Esambo. The guide aims to inform more...
European Union Mission in DR Congo
25 November 2011

AfriMAP en partenariat avec la Mission de l'Union Européenne de soutien à la police congolaise a participé à la conceptualisation d'un guide sur les libertés civiles. Ce guide servira de support à la fois aux services de police et à la société civile en portant une attention particulière sur le cadre légal de diverses lois en RDC. Son utilisation, en termes de bonne pratique pour les officiers de police et sa mise en œuvre par la société more...

DRC: Conception and publication of a handbook on electoral dispute resolution
25 November 2011

On November 25, 2011, a validation workshop focusing on the handbook on electoral disputes was organized by AfriMAP, and coordinated by Roger Mvita. The meeting was attended by Judges, Independent experts, members of the Independent National Electoral Commission and lawyers. This was done in partnership with the Institute of Human Rights of the National Bar Association of the lawyers of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The technical document aims at facilitating the resolution on electoral disputes more...

Conference on political participation in the province of South Kivu
18 October 2011

On October 18, 2011, a panel discussion focusing on political participation in the South Kivu was organized in partnership with the Bar Association of Kivu. Participants took the opportunity to engage with OSISA and AfriMAP staff by focusing on the recommendations presented in the DRC Democracy and Political Participationreport. Among the 47 participants was the representative of the provincial government of South Kivu, Vice-Governor more...

Pascal Kambale on Radio Okapi's Dialogue Entre Congolais
15 June 2011

Pascal Kambale was on Radio Okapi’s Dialogue Entre Congolais, the most listened call-in current affairs program. June 14, 2011 was the last day of the March session of the Parliament and the theme of the program was to assess the parliamentary session. He debated an MP from the ruling coalition (and one of the architects of the January constitutional amendment) and an MLC (Bemba’s party) opposition senator. The main point he was trying to put across more...

Elections in DRC: Challenges and opportunities of the INEC
28 March 2011

On 27 March, AfriMAP and OSISA made a submission to the Congolese electoral commission, which amplified the call for a need to build political consensus around elections.  It also re-echoed the report’s recommendation to simplify the voting system, which was described as unnecessarily complex and costly and therefore needed simplification.  Some of the recommendations stem from an AfriMAP report launched on 30th November 2010, entitled: Democracy and political participation- an assessment more...

DRC: Validation workshop, report on Democracy and Political Participation DRC: Validation workshop, report on Democracy and Political Participation
09 August 2010
On 7th  August, 2010, AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) hosted a validation workshop to discuss early findings of the upcoming AfriMAP on Democracy and Political Participation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The workshop attracted over 50 participants including academics, civil society representatives; two Senators; two members of provincial governments (from the Kasai Oriental and Bas-Congo provinces); two members of provincial assemblies (from Bandundu more...
DRC: Working with the Ministry of Justice on policy reforms and responding to attempts to undermine the independence of the judiciary
April 2010
On 4 March  2010, the Ministry of Justice of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invited AfriMAP to participate in the first technical committee meeting on impunity and international crimes.  The team is one of the committees set in February by the Minister of Justice and is composed of representatives of government, the donor community, and civil society.

The committee’s objective is to suggest the most efficient implementation strategies for reforms in the justice sector. more...
DRC: Launch of two AfriMAP reports
25 June 2009

June 24 and 25 witnessed a double launching in DRC of two  publications: on the military justice system, and on the education sector, both of which were published by AfriMAP and OSISA (both are available in full text only more...

Validation workshops in DRC
03 April 2009
AfriMAP and OSISA (the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa) held two workshops on 2 and 3 April in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, to discuss draft reports on the education system and military justice in the DRC with a range of stakeholders in each field.

The workshop to discuss the draft report on the military justice system was attended by judges and prosecutors from all levels of the military court system, lawyers with experience in representing victims and accused more...
AfriMAP launches research in DRC
January 2008
AfriMAP's research on its three themes (justice and the rule of law, political participation and democracy, and delivery of public services) was launched in DR Congo with the holding of a methodology workshop 28-30 January 2008 in Goma, in the east of the country. Eight researchers took part, coming from civil society organisations and research centres in Kinshasa and the provinces of Bas-Congo, Kasai Oriental, Katanga, Province Orientale and Sud-Kivu. Roger Mvita, AfriMAP coordinator in DRC, led more...
Submission to DRC National Assembly
December 2007
AfriMAP has joined with Global Rights and other organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo to make a submission to the Committee on Policy, Legal Affairs and Administration (la Commission Politique, Jurique et Administrative) of the National Assembly, which is currently debating a draft law on the Conseil Supérieur de la Magistrature (the equivalent of the Judicial Council or Judicial Services Commission in common law countries). The submission (available below -- in French) is based more...

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