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African Peer Review Mechanism Team Concludes Report Gathering Exercise In Sierra Leone
08 juin 2011, Standard Times Press News (Sierra Leone)

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Team, lead by Barrister Akere Muna that has been in the country for over  three weeks now, has concluded its report gathering exercise  and taken leave of President Koroma at his State Lodge residence, Hill Station.

Political Affairs Minister Alpa Kanu said that the Team has spent three weeks going around the country on information gathering and to cross check what the government has said about the country. “They are here to take leave of you Mr. President, since they have now concluded their country wide assessment, without being monitored or censored, out of which they would produced a report based on their findings” He noted.

APRM Team Leader Barrister Akere Muna, firstly congratulated President Koroma for what he said is what they have heard and seen with their own eyes all what the President has done for the country. He said the Team has been round the country for weeks unhindered and got the full cooperation of all and sundry.

The APRM he said has as its top priority democracy, Good Governance, corporate governance to social-economic development, looking for transparency, inter African Cooperation and the reduce of dependency on donor aid. “Our findings will be prepared and presented to the Forum in Addis Ababa in January” He intimated.

Barrister Akere Muna thanked the President for the hospitality accorded them and wished him and the people of Sierra Leone well.

According, to Chairman Dr. Osman Gbla the purpose of the Country Review Mission is essentially to enable the APRM Continental Panel of eminent persons, the experts and strategic partners to have another look at the APRM Country Self Assessment Report and the National Program of Action and to also talk with stake holders nationwide, with a view to preparing their report.

Having now concluded the report, Mr. Gbla said the APRM Team is going to write a Comprehensive Review Mission Report on Sierra Leone, which they would send to Government for responses and action.

He informed that after finalization the report will be submitted to the Forum in Addis Ababa in January. “In Addis Ababa President Koroma will then meet with his colleagues to discuss the report and then the country will prepare for the implementation of the National Program of Action” He concluded.

Speaking President Koroma thanked them for their work, having met among other groups and organizations-- politicians, business people and the ordinary man. He noted that his government has shown commitment in promoting democracy, as the way forward is to take responsibility.

“My government is prepared to subject itself to the APRM Review, as the Nation is ready to move forward and we look forward to receiving your report to allow us to study it before we go to Addis Ababa” Said Mr. President.


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