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Nepad Review Talks Begin
27 September 2005, New Vision, Kampala

by Henry Mukasa

THE Africa Peer Review Mission (APRM) to Uganda has told the Government to expedite processes and provide finances to set the review into motion.

Prof. Adedeji Adebayo, the team head of eminent persons on Uganda, told finance state minister Isaac Musumba that Uganda was behind schedule.

He said when heads of state committed themselves to the NEPAD protocol, it was envisaged that finances for the review would be budgeted for.

"I didn't think there would be a problem of financing," Adebayo said in response to Musumba's plea that progress by Uganda has been held back due to lack of resources.

Adebayo, together with Dr. Bernard Kouassi and Dr. Moise Nembot, arrived on Sunday to review the progress made by Uganda in the APRM process.

Under peer review, a country prepares a self-assessment report which is reviewed by experts who prepare an issues' paper before heads of state review a country under consideration.

Adebayo said APRM was sacrosanct to African states because it was perceived by African leaders and would like it to be taken over by the West, should its implementation rely on only donor money.

"In the first quarter of your budget, which begins on October 1, I hope you will put substantial money in the process. The process should start," Adebayo said. He said the Government should involve stakeholders, especially the private sector, to make offers to make it easier for donors to contribute.


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