Elections in DRC: Challenges and opportunities of the INEC
28 March 2011

On 27 March, AfriMAP and OSISA made a submission to the Congolese electoral commission, which amplified the call for a need to build political consensus around elections.  It also re-echoed the reportís recommendation to simplify the voting system, which was described as unnecessarily complex and costly and therefore needed simplification.  Some of the recommendations stem from an AfriMAP report launched on 30th November 2010, entitled: Democracy and political participation- an assessment of the first steps into the 3rd Republic. The submission has been used by a group of civil society organizations which came together to form a civil society coalition for elections, the AETA or Agir pour les Elections Transparentes et Apaisées. Polls in DRC are due in less than seven months.

(The full report is available only in French)

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